Pros and Cons of Porcelain Veneers

For many of our patients in Washington, D.C., cosmetic dentistry often doubles as preventative or restorative dentistry. Porcelain veneers are one great example. Veneers offer protection for teeth that are cracked or chipped, but can also cover cosmetic issues, such as stained or gapped teeth. However, just because there are many benefits to dental veneers, it does not mean you should just jump right in and get some. Here are the pros and cons of porcelain veneers to consider.

Pro: Immediate, Long-Lasting Results

Dental veneers do not take long to apply, and you can walk out of the dentist in Washington, D.C., with a brand new smile after that appointment. And with a good oral hygiene routine, your veneers are designed to last up to two decades or more.

Con: They Do Not Work for All

Porcelain veneers are not always an option for some people. If your teeth are significantly decayed or weakened, then the porcelain veneers specialist may not be able to apply the veneers at all.

Pro: Easy to Customize

Porcelain veneers today are easily customized to your smile. You can choose the color, have them shaped and textured just like your surrounding teeth, and no one ever has to know that you have veneers.

Con: Veneers Are Irreversible

When you have porcelain veneers applied, a small amount of your natural enamel must be removed to allow the veneer to fit properly. Enamel does not “grow back”, so this is an irreversible process.

Learn More About Porcelain Veneers

To learn more pros and cons of porcelain veneers, or to find out if porcelain veneers are right for you, schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentistry specialist. Our office in Washington, D.C., can be reached at 202-488-8300, or you can contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer patients in Washington, D.C., a way to replace missing teeth without ever having to worry about painful, unattractive, or fussy dentures. This is a very popular treatment for those who lose teeth when they are younger, and have to consider how they will maintain their dental appliances for many decades to come. However, there are many pros and cons of dental implants that should be considered.

Pro: Dental Implants Are the Most Advanced Option.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are by far the most advanced option a restorative dentist can offer. Implants look, function, and feel like a real tooth. Once your implant is fully healed, you may even forget it is there.

Con: Implant Dentistry Is Expensive.

Dental implants are not the most affordable dental procedure in the world. This is a surgical procedure that requires multiple visits and several steps. This all makes the cost of dental implants rise.

Pro: Dental Implants Are Permanent.

Dentures have to be removed from your mouth to be cleaned. Bridges are also removed for regular cleaning. Dental implants, on the other hand, stay put forever. They are implanted into the bone behind your gum, and could not be removed by anyone other than your dentist in Washington, D.C. Implants are designed to last up to 40 years.

Con: Implant Dentistry Takes Time.

Depending on how fast you heal and how well the implant was placed, it could take anywhere from a few months to a year to complete the entire implant process.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

To learn more about the pros and cons of dental implants, or to schedule a consultation to find out if you would be a candidate for implant dentistry, call L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts in Washington, D.C. We can be reached at 202-488-8300, or you can contact us online.

Dental Implants Aftercare

Getting dental implants can take care of a large number of different dental problems. They can help to restore the health of your mouth, and implant dentistry is a good way to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, or that you thought you lost forever. However, once you have your dental implants, you also need to know how to take care of them. Some simple dental implants aftercare tips will help to keep the implants in good condition and to keep you healthy.

Right After Getting the Implants

During the first several days after you’ve received your implants from the dentists in our Washington, DC office, you will want to rinse with saltwater. Use about one ounce of saline in eight ounces of water and rinse out your mouth about three times a day. This will help you to kill any bacteria that might be growing in the mouth.

Another of the dental implants aftercare tips you will want to follow is in regards to the food you eat. When you first receive the implants, you will want to stick with soft food. Some good options could be soup, pudding, or yogurt. You do not want to have anything that is too crunchy, for example. Once the healing is complete and your dentist in Washington, DC gives you the go ahead, you can start eating regular food again.

Once Healed

After you have healed, there are still some dental implants aftercare tips to follow. Essentially, you want to continue to maintain good oral health habits. This means you should be brushing your teeth and gums several times a day, as well as flossing.

Talk with our restorative dentistry specialist at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts about other dental implants aftercare tips.

Contact Our Implant Dentist in Washington, DC Today

If you feel any discomfort, you will want to use some over the counter pain medication. Talk with your dentist about the best options. Call us at 202-488-8300 or visit the contact page online.

Dental Implants FAQs 

Dental implants and implant dentistry are some of the most exciting things to develop in the world of restorative dentistry. As your dentist in Washington, DC, L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts and Drs. Norkiewicz and Konigsberg can offer our patients full dental implant treatments. To learn more about them, we encourage you to enjoy these dental implants FAQs.

I have heard that implants are painful…is that true?

This is a key issue to include in our dental implants FAQs because it is such a fallacy. The treatment is done under traditional dental anesthesia, and it is performed right in the office. It is not painful during the procedure, or afterward. While you may have some mild tenderness, it is never painful or something that requires painkillers. Some light swelling may occur, but again, it is not painful.

Is it a very long procedure?

The time required to place the implant will vary, but most patients have the entire treatment done in less than an hour’s time. Multiple implants will, naturally, take longer, but you will not be in the chair for an extended period when receiving an implant.

When will I know if it is a success?

This is another key issue in our dental implants FAQs because we want our patients to know that the success rate for implants is 95-98%. This is a remarkably high figure, and you will know if your treatment is a success very quickly. The gum and bone begin to heal within days, and if there are no problems, healing is completed in two to nine months.

How much dental care is needed after the process is done?

Once your dental implant is healed and your new dental crown attached, you can treat the implant like your natural tooth. It has to be cleaned and flossed daily and you need to also come in for twice-annual cleanings and exams.

Is it permanent?

The experts tell us that implants can last indefinitely, but many also say that you should expect nothing less than 30 to 40 years!

Contact Our Washington, DC Dentist to Learn More About Dental Implants

If these dental implants FAQs did not answer all of your questions, feel free to give us a call at our Washington, DC office at 202-488-8300. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly. To learn more about dental implants, read our overview of the procedurebenefits of dental implants, and learn if you are a candidate for dental implants.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

You can replace just one tooth, or all 32, with dental implants. They are the preferred solution today for replacing missing teeth, and almost anyone can be a candidate for dental implants. Infrequently, though, a medical condition or other circumstance may make installing implants problematic.

Usually, you will be considered a candidate for dental implants if your jawbone is in good shape, your gums are healthy, and are a non-smoker. If you do smoke, you will need to stop during the implant surgery, and for several months afterward while healing takes place.

How Complex is the Procedure?

The implant surgery itself is not complicated. It simply involves your dentist inserting a titanium screw into your jawbone. The screw is used to anchor a crown, or a series of crowns. The healing process takes a fair bit of time, though, because the implant needs to fuse to your jaw. This usually takes anywhere from four to eight months, but sometimes can require as much as a year. You are a good candidate for dental implants if you are willing to commit to the time involved. If you are not, then you might want to consider other alternatives, like dentures or bridge work.

What about Health Issues?

In order to be a candidate for dental implants, your gums have to be in good shape. There is no point at all to installing implants in a patient who has gum disease, since the implants will almost certainly fail. As soon as your gum disease has been effectively treated, though, you can be a candidate for dental implants.

Some types of cancer, and uncontrolled diabetes, can also make you a poor candidate for dental implants. Additionally, if you have undergone radiation treatments to your head or neck, implants are ill-advised.

Generally speaking, most people can have dental implants. Being able to chew and bite the same way you would with your natural teeth is a huge benefit. Really, the only downside to dental implants is the fact that dental insurers do not cover them. However, if that is not an issue for you, you are likely a good candidate for dental implants.

Contact Us

Would you like to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants? Call L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts at 202-488-8300, or request a consultation using the form on our Contact Us page. We are located at 490 L’Enfant Plaza SW #8210, Washington, DC 20024, and we look forward to seeing you.

Sedation Dentistry

Four percent of United States residents suffer from dental phobias, meaning just as many people have a major fear of the dentist as there are people who fear snakes and heights. That is a lot of people afraid of a visit to the dentist. Even worse, many people with fear of dentistry (around ten percent of those with dental phobia) will actually avoid a visit to a general dentist because of it. This can allow their oral health to decline, and for a long list of other problems to occur. From tooth decay and gum disease to the loss of teeth, fear of a visit to the dentist is costly.

This is precisely the reason that Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz and Dr. Henry Konigsberg offer sedation dentistry to patients of L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts. The doctors and their team of dental care professionals at their Washington, DC office, strive to offer painless, advanced general dentistry. They cultivate a relaxed and friendly environment, and count on sedation dentistry to help those with dental fear to overcome the issue.

Of course sedation dentistry is not only for those too tense or nervous to pay a visit. The option for sedation dentistry helps to guarantee that many, traditionally, uncomfortable treatments cause little to no discomfort at all. Even standard, preventative and general dentistry treatments can be done with sedation dentistry if desired.

Who Is a Candidate?

Does the idea of a standard dental cleaning and exam make you feel a bit fearful? Maybe the idea of a filling causes you a lot of anxiety or dread? If so, at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts the entire team is ready to help you with your fears by discussing your options for sedation treatments. They use only oral sedation, meaning you are fully conscious, though usually a bit drowsy, and will feel completely calm.

Take Care of Oral Health with Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can be used for general dentistry treatments, certain cosmetic dentistry treatments, restorative dentistry, and more. For example, patients undergoing oral surgery may request sedation options, but so can the patient undergoing routine cleanings or exams.

It is important that you express any concerns you might have about dental care in order to allow the dental team to give you the sort of comfort you require. Oral sedation is best done prior to the visit, meaning you will need someone to drive you to and from the appointment. Although you may feel as if you are awake, oral sedation can be deceiving and many patients are so relaxed by the single prescription treatment that they even nod off during their visit. This makes it unsafe to drive once you have taken the oral sedation treatment.

Your comfort is a top priority, and if anxiety, dental phobia, or fear of pain or discomfort is keeping you from enjoying the best dental health possible, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with the team at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts about your concerns. Simply call 202-488-8300 or use the online contact form and one of their friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer all your dental sedation questions and give you facts about the treatment.

Specialized Dental Treatments

L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts in Washington, DC focuses on offering painless, advanced general dentistry. However, their dental team is highly skilled in many different areas and can provide restorative, cosmetic, and very specialized treatments too. They are an ideal family dentist and a one-stop shop for all of your dental care.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, Dr. Henry Konigsberg and Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz can offer their patients some remarkably beneficial treatments that include:

  • Sleep Apnea Dentistry
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • TMJ/TMD Treatments
  • Emergency Care

Using only the most advanced technologies and equipment, each dentist and team member ensures you have healthy teeth and gums, and that your total dental health and well-being is nurtured. This is why they extend specialized services designed to address health issues directly related to certain dental conditions as well as emergency care in their dental office.

Sleep Apnea

Why struggle with unhealthy sleep, snoring, and a tired partner when we have several options for overcoming sleep apnea. Many patients do not realize that sleep apnea can be qualified as a dental condition, but it is! We offer our patients TAP and Somonmed products all designed to comfortably, safely, and effectively realign the jaws and prevent sleep apnea from occurring. At L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts, they create custom appliances for each patient, ensuring the most perfect fit while also eliminating some of the problems experienced with other products. Enjoy a better quality of life when you enjoy fully refreshing sleep, and allow us to customize a sleep apnea solution today.

Learn more about Sleep Apnea treatments.

Sedation Dentistry

Fear or anxiety over dental work is not a laughing matter. It is estimated that up to 10% of the public actually experiences true anxiety when they need to book a visit with a dentist. There is no need to forgo essential general dental carecosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry when a safe, effective, and easily used oral sedation available. Though you will require someone to accompany you to and from the office, and doing all of the driving for safety, you will also be so relaxed that you may even doze off during your treatment! Sedation dentistry is a wonderful way of ensuring optimal dental health, and the team at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts are more than happy to discuss it with you if it helps you to get the care you need.

Learn more about Sedation Dentistry.


Did you know that the temporomandibular joint is one of the most flexible of the joints in the body? This is the joint that you find between your upper and lower jaws, and it has to open and close and move side to side in ways most joints are unable to manage. Thus, it is important that you do not experience and problems with this joint. However, millions of people do, and the condition is referred to as TMJ/TMD. TMD, though, can describe a long list of problems, and almost all of them can be treated effectively with the use of TMJ splints. L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts offers some of the most comfortable, customized TMJ splints available, and work with patients to assess their issues, create an optimal treatment plan and then make the devices necessary for overcoming the problem.

Learn more about TMJ / TMD.

Dental Emergencies

It can be very scary for you or a member of your family to suffer a dental emergency. Not only is it usually painful or uncomfortable, but not knowing where you can get help can make things seem worse. At L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts, however, you can get in touch with the office online or by phone whenever you have a dental emergency. Using the online form, you can start to resolve your dental emergency at any hour of the day or night. You can also call the office directly to let them know about the emergency. In most cases, they can have you in the office and out the door quickly.

The mission of L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts is to provide painless, advanced general dentistry. They are a family dental practice and their doctors have more than 40 years of combined experience. Our dentists, Dr. Henry Konigsberg and Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz, have dealt with every type of dental emergency – from a broken tooth to a painful abscess, and are eager to provide you with the care you need.

To consult with a dentists about specialized dental care for issues such as sleep apnea, TMJ/TMD, the need for sedation dentistry or emergency care, give L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts a call at 202-488-8300 or use the online contact form and one of their friendly staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Porcelain Veneers

Did you know that even the healthiest smiles can sometimes look less appealing than they should? There are many people who struggle with:

  • Stained teeth that cannot be improved through professional whitening
  • Cracks or chips in the teeth
  • Unevenly sized teeth (too small or too short)
  • Gaps in between their teeth
  • An uneven tooth line
  • Damaged or worn teeth

Each of these issues may force someone to hide their perfectly healthy smile, and yet there is a solution. The answer is the cosmetic dentistry procedure known as porcelain veneers.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Described by dental experts as an ideal solution to a host of problems, dental veneers are strong but very thin shells made of porcelain. They are custom made for your needs and then bonded to your teeth. In many instances, a patient who chooses veneers can get an almost instant smile makeover in just two short visits to their dental care provider.

How Is It Done?

The first step is to make an appointment to visit Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz and Dr. Henry Konigsberg at L’Enfant Dental Plaza in Washington, DC. With their skilled team, they can provide you with an initial exam. They will be able to tell you if porcelain veneers are a solution for you, and if so, they can begin the process right away.

Of course, before they do veneers or cosmetic work, they will make sure your teeth and gums are in optimal condition. An exam, cleaning and any other essential work must be done prior to cosmetic treatments, but once your oral health is the best it can be, the cosmetic treatments can begin!

Impressions are made of your teeth and gums, and from these the new veneers will be made. The goal is to ensure that the veneers fit over the teeth and create a perfect and flawless smile once they are bonded to the existing teeth. A specialized lab is used to craft the durable veneers, and so you will not have your new smile until the second visit.

On your next visit, the teeth that will be fitted with veneers will have to be prepared, and this is a simple procedure that requires the dentist to remove the outermost layer of enamel. It is not painful and takes only a few short minutes to complete. The dentist then places the veneers properly and bonds them to your teeth. In a matter of minutes, the bonding agent is firm enough for you to take a look at your new and flawless smile.

The Care and Upkeep

Many patients worry that porcelain veneers will be difficult to maintain, but this is the farthest from the truth. Your porcelain veneers are actually going to strengthen your teeth and be far more resistant to staining than your natural teeth.

You will want to keep up with regular oral hygiene and twice annual cleanings to guarantee that your veneers, as well as your teeth and gums, remain in good condition. Apart from traditional care and regular cleanings, your veneers should not need any further work. Naturally, with time and changes in the mouth, your cosmetic dentist may need to adjust veneers, but most patients enjoy many years of perfect and brilliant white teeth thanks to veneers.

Find Out More!

If you are interested in this amazingly simple and effective form of cosmetic dentistry, or other cosmetic treatments, feel free to call L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts at 202-488-8300 or use the online contact form and one of their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be in touch with you shortly.

To learn more, read our other pages/blogs:


There is a misconception about dentures, and that is that they must be huge, awkward, and obvious. Today’s dentures are nothing like those of the past and the dental professionals at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts are able to help patients find the ideal denture for their needs.

Learn About Dentures

From their office in Washington DC, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz and Dr. Henry Konigsberg can get the process started for having a high-quality, perfectly fitted denture. They offer:

  • Partial
  • Full
  • Fixed dentures
  • Implant dentures

Dentures of any kind are meant to do more than just cosmetically replace missing teeth, and we understand that completely. The practice’s goal is to help patients find the right denture to ensure their remaining teeth and gums are healthy and comfortable, and to allow them to have the most functional denture possible.

Choosing the Right Dentures


You may not know which sort of dentures are the right options for you. Whether you have decided to replace your older dentures or you are considering dentures of some sort for the very first time, your dentist is happy to work with you to meet your needs.

It begins with a consultation in their office. Since the goal of the entire team of dental professionals is to provide painless, advanced general dentistry in the most relaxed and friendly setting possible, you will feel at home straight away. A basic checkup will be done to gauge the health of your teeth and gums, and then you can discuss your needs with one of the dentists.

Their office is able to expedite the product of any type of denture, with the option for having them processed and completed in as little as two days if required, so if you are in a hurry, they can help.

However, not all denture treatments may be easily expedited. For example, an implant denture requires the use of implants. If you have yet to have those done, your dentist can discuss multiple implants as well as “all-on-4” implants that use four individual dental implants (two in the upper jaw and two below) to secure the full denture.

Get Started Today

Are you someone who has used full dentures for a while but who struggles with them now that the alveolar bones have shrunk in size? Maybe you are tired of a partial that fits uncomfortably? You may have decided that you want something as convenient as a full denture, but you want them to be fixed in place through the use of a crown or even implants? No matter what your needs, at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz and Dr. Henry Konigsberg and their team of caring professionals will work with you to find the right solution.

If you are ready to discuss your questions or concerns, or get started with the creation of a durable and long-lasting denture, give them a call at 202-488-8300 or use the online contact form and a friendly and knowledgeable staff member will be in touch with you shortly. For any questions you have, read through our FAQs to find answers.

Looking for Dental Implants in Washington DC? L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts Can Help

Dental implants are one of the most preferred ways of replacing missing teeth. They are effective, long-lasting, and can bring back a beautiful smile easily.

If you’ve found yourself hiding your smile because you don’t want someone seeing your less-than-perfect smile, it’s safe to say you want to learn more about dental implants from us, especially if you’re in the DC area.

So you think you need dental implants?

Your jaw and gums react to the loss of even one adult tooth. Whether you lost a tooth due to injury, periodontal disease, decay, or aging, a lost tooth can cause more than just a gap in your smile, such as further tooth loss or even bone loss in the jawbone. Because of this, we recommend quickly replacing the the missing tooth or teeth with dental implants.  The process is simple these days, painless and can all be handled by Dr. Norkiewicz.

Types of Dental Implants

Many people shy away from seeking a solution for their missing teeth because they think they will have to get dentures or bridges. Fortunately, dental implants are available and a much better option. L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts offers the best dental implants in DC, including:

  • Snap On Dentures
  • All On 4
  • Dental Implants with Tooth Removal
  • Implant Bridges
  • Single Tooth Implant

Our dental implant procedures in Washington DC takes care of all your needs when it comes to replacing missing teeth. We extract, implant, and bone graft if needed. The process of receiving dental implants includes having an artificial tooth put in the place of the missing natural one. This artificial tooth is inserted into the gums and jaw. The root of the artificial tooth is similar to a screw you see when building something out of wood. An abutment is added to the implant to keep the crown in place. The next step is adding the false tooth to it, which completes the process of having a beautiful natural-looking smile.

Thanks to advancing technology, losing an adult tooth no longer means your only options are bridges or dentures. Dental implants allow you to replace teeth by affixing them to your mouth, giving you the confidence of new teeth and healthy gums without the worry of loose or ill-fitting dentures.  The process is simple and about 95% of our patients prefer to replace their missing teeth with implants.  If you have a bad tooth or teeth, the affected tooth can be removed and an implant placed during the same procedure requiring just one surgical procedure.  After a few short months of healing the permanent tooth can be fabricated by our dental laboratory.  

Our experienced implant dentists perform single, multi-tooth, and “all-on-4” implants, leaving you with nothing but a great smile. At L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts, we use HIOSSEN implants – also known as the “second permanent tooth” – for two-step tooth replacement.  The replacement tooth takes only a few short months and the tooth should last you for your lifetime with routine dental care. 

The Benefits of Replacing Teeth

Implants are highly beneficial when compared to other options for replacing missing teeth.

  • They are stronger, so they are long-lasting.
  • Implants reduce bone loss because they promote proper bite alignment.
  • The tooth used in the implant is more natural-looking.
  • No special care is needed with dental implants. You take care of them just like regular teeth.
  • After receiving the dental implant, you’ll adjust quickly to it when eating and talking.
  • They are much more comfortable than dentures and bridges.

What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants

The process of getting a dental implant starts with setting up a consultation with our dentist to assess whether you’re a candidate. The assessment involves having X-rays done and other diagnostic testing, such as lab work.

Once it has been determined you are healthy enough for dental implants, the dentist will remove the damaged tooth if needed.

The next step is to prepare the bone and jaw for the dental implant(s), and this may include having bone grafting. Once this process is over and the jaw is healed, the implant(s) is placed in your jaw. You’ll go home to heal, which could take a few weeks.

After the healing process, you’ll come back to the dental office to have the abutment placed on the implement. This is what holds the crown in place. For some select patients. This can be done when the implant is placed. A mold will be made of your mouth to have the crown built. Once the crown is ready, you’ll come back to the dental office once more to have them properly placed and adjusted.  Read our page about the dental implant procedure.

Dental Implants

The Team In Washington DC

When you come to Lenfant Plaza Dental Arts our doctors will evaluate your current situation and develop a treatment plan specifically for you.  Everybody is different and every case is different.  Some patients need bone grafts and some patients need bad teeth extracted.  But there is no need to worry because we have seen it all and do not judge.  Our job is to help you get your chewing back, your smile back and your life back!

Life After the Dental Implants Procedure

Patients often experience mild discomfort following their procedure:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising

All of these effects are mild and temporary. Eating soft foods and managing pain with over-the-counter medications usually help during recovery.

If there are any severe effects from the oral surgery, you should contact the dentist immediately.

How to Care for Dental Implants

Dental implants are just like natural teeth. You take care of them the same way. This means you should brush, floss, and use mouthwash every day at least two times a day. You should also visit your dentist every 6 months. This will be when the dentist will make sure the dental implants are in good condition and perform a dental cleaning.

Just like natural teeth, you should avoid bad habits that can affect the integrity and longevity of your dental implants. This includes avoid tobacco, sodas, and teas, so they don’t stain. Limiting biting or chewing hard items such as hard candies and ice is recommended for keeping dental implants from cracking or chipping.

Contact Us for Dental Implants in Washington DC

Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz has been helping patients for more than 25 years with dental implants in the Washington DC area. Since he understands seeking a solution for missing teeth can be stressful, he has taken steps to ensure his patients are as comfortable as possible throughout the process. His pain-free dentistry approach offers patients with anxieties over dental procedures a way to care for their dental health without worry. Contact L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts today to schedule an appointment.

The Process

The process for tooth implants includes several steps, but each is necessary to ensure the stability and health of your mouth and the new implant.

The dental implants procedure is easy.  First, we prepare you for the implant placement by extracting any problematic teeth and assessing your needs for any bone grafts. We then surgically place the new “tooth root,” a special titanium implant or metal post that integrates naturally with your jaw, a process called osseointegration. Once the root is healed and the healing process is over, a brand-new crown or artificial tooth is placed on top of the implant, attached to the implant with a small screw, giving you the permanent tooth replacement you deserve. 

Sometimes a bone graft is needed to fill in gaps in the bone.  Most of the time we can collect your bone shavings with a special suction and use autogenous bone.  Implant surgery is very easy and our patients are fine to go right back to work and continue with their day.  The American Academy of Implant Dentistry recommends taking just Advil after implant surgery.  The procedure takes one hour or less.  Pain is minimal.  Read about if dental implants are painful.

Why Is It Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

When you lose an adult tooth or your natural teeth, your remaining teeth can shift out of alignment. The surfaces of your other teeth around the open space also are exposed to decay and wear, leaving you more likely to lose more teeth in the future.

Beneath the surface of your gums, the tooth roots of the teeth not only gave stability to the tooth, but also interacted with your jaw and gum tissue. When you lose an adult tooth, the blood supply received by the jaw from those nerves is lost and can have a negative effect on your mouth. The tissue and bone in your jaw can shrink and recede, changing your face’s appearance and weakening your jaw.  Your other teeth may then be susceptible to gum disease or periodontal disease.  That is why we recommend the types of implants that we do.  

Additionally, missing teeth can make it difficult to use dentures, you may have issues chewing and your diet may suffer, and you may develop difficulty speaking clearly.

By replacing lost teeth with single tooth implants, you are protecting your remaining teeth from shifting and further damage, and preserve the normal function of your jaw and gums.  The long term success rate is well over 95% and the tooth can last up to 50 years if well cared for and you maintain good oral health.  

Implants are at risk for peri implant diseases, however they cannot break or get cavities or ever need a root canal. You must continue to brush and floss daily and visit the dentist every six months for regular dental care as recommended by the American Academy of Periodontology.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

This answer depends greatly on a number of factors: How many teeth need to be replaced? Which teeth need to be replaced? What size will the implant be? What type of crown will go on top?

On average,  implants range from $2,000 to $5,000 per tooth.  Usually dental insurance companies will pay for up to 50% of the cost.  If multiple teeth are missing in close proximity, then the overall per-tooth cost decreases. For example, in an all-on-4 case, only four implants are needed to hold the entire arch of teeth.

To determine the full scale of your dental needs, we offer free consultations and X-rays for new patients. Our skilled oral surgeons will look over your dental needs and make recommendations based on what will be best for your individual situation.  For the best implants in Washington DC visit us! 

Implant dentistry is not for everyone.  Some patients are not candidates for implants, which is why we offer free consultations.  Proper care is needed to care for your artificial teeth which is why we recommend dental visits every 6 months.  

How Do I Get Started with Dental Implants?

Before getting dental implants, you need to have all your other general dental needs addressed. Cleanings, exams, and traditional preventative care is essential to making sure your mouth is healthy enough to fully support the implants. One of our dentists assesses your unique implant needs, giving you a custom price quote to get your smile in great shape. If you’re ready to make the leap into dental implants, give us a call today! We’d love to help you rebuild your smile!  202-488-8300