Dental Implants FAQs 

Dental implants and implant dentistry are some of the most exciting things to develop in the world of restorative dentistry. As your dentist in Washington, DC, L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts and Drs. Norkiewicz and Konigsberg can offer our patients full dental implant treatments. To learn more about them, we encourage you to enjoy these dental implants FAQs.

I have heard that implants are painful…is that true?

This is a key issue to include in our dental implants FAQs because it is such a fallacy. The treatment is done under traditional dental anesthesia, and it is performed right in the office. It is not painful during the procedure, or afterward. While you may have some mild tenderness, it is never painful or something that requires painkillers. Some light swelling may occur, but again, it is not painful.

Is it a very long procedure?

The time required to place the implant will vary, but most patients have the entire treatment done in less than an hour’s time. Multiple implants will, naturally, take longer, but you will not be in the chair for an extended period when receiving an implant.

When will I know if it is a success?

This is another key issue in our dental implants FAQs because we want our patients to know that the success rate for implants is 95-98%. This is a remarkably high figure, and you will know if your treatment is a success very quickly. The gum and bone begin to heal within days, and if there are no problems, healing is completed in two to nine months.

How much dental care is needed after the process is done?

Once your dental implant is healed and your new dental crown attached, you can treat the implant like your natural tooth. It has to be cleaned and flossed daily and you need to also come in for twice-annual cleanings and exams.

Is it permanent?

The experts tell us that implants can last indefinitely, but many also say that you should expect nothing less than 30 to 40 years!

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