Dental Implants are the most natural replacement for tooth loss

Over the past decade, there have been several significant advancements in dental technologies and procedures, and dental implants washington dc – the gold standard for tooth replacement.

Today, dental implant specialists can anchor synthetic structures into the jawbone that will act as a foundation for an artificial tooth, permanent bridge or a denture.  In a number of cases, dentists are able to attach implants using artificial teeth that precisely duplicate the true and natural function and appearance of your teeth.

Prime candidates for dental implants should expect premium results; however, they are not for everyone. Only an experienced professional dentist, like Dr. Norkiewicz in Washington DC, should make that determination after a full examination. In several instances, patients can expect amazing results in only a single visit when receiving dental implants. Following is a shortlist of a variety of dental implants and procedures:

  1. Single-Tooth Replacements
  2. Full Lower Replacements
  3. Full Upper Replacements
  4. Posterior Replacements
  5. Secure loose dentures

Dental Implants Washington DC – the gold standard, done in under an hour

Most dental implants can be installed in under an hour, about the same time it takes to do a filling!  The area is numbed the same way as for a filling and the dental implant is installed with the same drill as for a filling.  Most patients think they are having a filling done!

Check with your Washington DC dentist to see if you’re a prime candidate for any of the dental implant procedures and have a happy, healthy smile again.  We offer free consultations to all dental implant candidates!

The advent of dental implants was meant to fully restore missing teeth. After their installation, you can be sure of a beautiful, natural smile. The average life expectancy of the dental implant is twenty five years.

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